Hi, my name is Christoper Narciso!

This page serves as documentation of my activities. Follow my github repository to stay up to date on my current projects or projects that I contribute to.

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Personal Projects

Web Application cnar.dev

Web App

Personal webpage project that I tend to on my spare time. Helpful for keeping track on my progress!

OSBot Scripting Assisant

Node App

Discord Helper Bot that provides users with API documentation, tips, and more!

OSBot Thread Watcher

Node App

Discord webhook app that provides the thread owner with recent comments on their threads.

Game Quest Automata

Java App

Game automation tool that does specified quest lines in the popular MMORPG Runescape.

Google Cloud Uploader

Python App

Webscraper that uses the Google Cloud Storage API to store images scraped from the web.

More Projects

Github Repository

Github repository for all of my latest projects. Feel free to hit me up with a follow!

Github Repository